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Completely OVER THE MOON with this stunning Moonbag. Its iconic silhouette is an ode to the past and a nineties dream come true. A bag where form meets functionality. We really understand how you must feel seeing this bag; it makes us drool too.



This bag is made of leather made from pineapple leaves.


Muy impresionado. That’s what we were when we read about this beautiful material made of a byproduct from the pineapple fruit industry: pineapple leaves. Once the long fibres are removed from the leaves (these create the material’s beautiful texture) the leftover biomass is used as a natural fertilizer. Two waste products, two uses. With this, this leather alternative literally takes the crown in turning trash into treasures.


MOONBAG - Pineapple Leather - Silver

Color: Silver

Material: Pineapple  Leather

Color: Silver

Carry: Shoulder and Hand

Width: 25cm

Height: 13cm

Depth: 7cm

100% cotton lining

Silver finishing

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