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With the Trashious shopper bag you are now free to go about your day with ease. Empowered to better live your busy modern lifestyle. From phone and wallet to laptop and lipstick. And just as appropriate for a business meeting as they are for happy hour or brunch. Finally a beautiful bag that knows how to multitask.



This bag is made of leather made from waste of the wine production.

For us it sounded unreal. But if it was true, oh how much we wanted it! Who could ever have thought of wine leather? Well, someone in Italy did. And we love it! Wine leather is soft, smooth, stable, 100% sustainable, almost feels like leather, and it can even be recycled!
With a worldwide wine production of 26 billion liters every year, imagine its annual waste output. For every 10 liters of wine, there is 2.5 kg of waste (grape skins, seeds, etc.) left from which 1 square meter of wine leather can be produced. That would be 2.6 billion square meters of wine leather every year, just by using wine production waste. 

SHOPPER - Wine Leather - Black

€ 299,00Prijs
Kleur: Zwart
Niet op voorraad

Material: Wine Leather

Color: Black

Carry: Hand and Shoulder

Widht: 42cm

Height: 29cm

Depth: 11cm

Strap: Adjustable

100% cotton lining

Gold finishing

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