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Inspired by ancient stories and will leave everyone around you in complete AWE. A leather handbag with timeless appeal that balances style with compassion for the planet. With snake embossed handles



This bag is made of leather made from cactus leaves.

Even overseas we found ‘green trash’. We discovered Mexico’s best kept secret ever! Years ago, 2 Mexican guys came up with the idea of using the Nopal cactus as raw material for the development of a sustainable alternative for animal and synthetic leather.

Nopal doesn’t need any water to grow. And there are plenty of these plants throughout Mexico. Nopal is used for the treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hangovers, but also as a food. The leafs of this plant have always been thrown away, but now they are used to make cactus leather. Produced without the intensive use of water and without any toxic chemicals, phthalates or PVC.

BOXBAG - Cactus Leather - Off White

Color: off white

Material: Cactus leather

Color: Off White

Carry: Hand and Shoulder

Widht: 23cm

Height: 21cm

Depth: 10.5

Strap: Adjustable

100% cotton lining

Silver finishing

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