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Ideal evening bag or purse for any occasion. Step up your ensemble like a true Trashionista.


This bag is made of leather made from waste of the apple food industry.


An apple a day...Yes correct. It does keep the doctor away. So let's eat lots of them! Because what you might not know, apples are not only good for your health, they also contribute to a better planet. Can you imagine? From the cores and skins discarded from the industrial food industry, apple leather is made! A sustainable alternative for animal and plastic leather. We know... madness.

CLUTCH - Apple Leather - Orange

Color: orange

Material: Apple leather

Color: Orange

Carry: Shoulder and Crossbody/adjustable

Width: 22cm

Height: 15cm

Depth: 6cm

Strap: 120cm

100% cotton lining

Gold finishing

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